We are so proud of our team! Our tradesmen have an appreciation and love of craft that allows us to confidently set about creating any work, knowing the result will be second to none. Although this is a big claim it has been the standard, allowing us to diversify and create according to the needs of particular projects without fear of failure.

Although today modern building techniques and industries have lost the art of craftsmanship, we endeavour to use tried and tested building methods from yesterday that rely heavily upon principle and less on commercial solutions.

Often 3-4 tradesman will stand over a connection or fixing to discuss possible solution and it is this constructive thinking that allows us to broaden our possibilities. These solutions are accumulative and can be used from project to project, it is this kind of ‘think tanking’ that allows us to get a full understanding before we break ground.

We endeavour to train up our future generations so that these crafts are not lost from our community. This thinking ability, mind set and value system creates a strong, informed workforce and a dedicated team of craftsmen.

This concern, understanding and attention to detail could only be possible with the determined and single mindedness demanded by our office staff. Their ability to pull apart and communicate with trades the requirements of various building techniques and materials and understanding of codes and requirements make them an invaluable part of the construction process.

Our administration team recognize that the building process can be daunting and endeavour to make this journey as informed as possible. Providing regular financial updates to fluid gantt charts, this positive reinforcement creates a healthy communication for everyone involved from architect to designer, certifier, engineer and owner. This communication allows for confidence, and it is confidence that allows a project to be a creative pleasure.


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